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Online service which automatically connects to your webcam to test if it is working.

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How To Install a Webcam ?

Installing a webcam can be done with a little patience in a few easy steps. Whether used for work conferencing, staying in touch with friends and family or for surveillance, a webcam can become an essential part of a computer setup.

Things You’ll Need:

How To Install a Webcam ?

Step 1

Purchase a camera. Webcams can range from a basic model for around $30 to ones that contain a motion sensor for around $350 or so. Most mid-priced models come with a microphone install. Decide on what this camera will be used for and choose accordingly.

Step 2

Read the installation instructions completely before attempting to install the camera. Although this may seem tedious and unnecessary, it can save time and headaches in the long run.

Step 3

Back up the computer's hard drive just to be safe. This will allow for a speedy recovery should the installation mess up the computer.

Step 4

Install the webcam software. Before deciding to install the disc that came with the camera, check the Internet for an updated version of the software and download that if available.

Step 5

Plug in the webcam. The software should give a prompt at the appropriate time. Cameras are usually installed with a USB cable. If installed correctly, the computer will acknowledge so by popping up a message saying it can see the new device.

Step 6

Download an instant message program if using the web camera for chatting like Webcam Call Free. Some free IM download programs include Yahoo Messenger, AOL Instant Messenger, Skype and Apple iChat...

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